I provide psychotherapy, counselling and analysis for individuals, as well as supervision for trainee and qualified psychotherapists.

Private Practice

Some people who seek therapy identify a specific difficulty they would like to address, while others can be less sure about what is troubling them. I have experience working across a great range of issues, with some of the most common listed below: 



Many people struggle with angry feelings. Some come to therapy seeking for better ways of managing such feelings, while others may discover through therapy that they have angry feelings that they have a tendency to avoid, push away or deny.



Most of us are anxious about some things and it would be strange if we weren’t. But there is a difference between an anxiety that can be crippling and a healthier nervousness that is more manageable.



There can be good reasons for feeling sad or depressed, but finding out more about your own particular depression can be helpful, perhaps through discovering triggers and identifying ways of becoming more proactive and able to help yourself.



Relationships can be both a source of both pleasure and pain, and very often both; the pain of losing someone or moving from a place we love, divorce, separation, or difficulties making or sustaining a relationship. Greater awareness of our many and varied thoughts and feelings about ourselves and others can lead to us living more satisfying and meaningful lives.


Sexuality and Bodies

The relationship with the self and the body is clearly an important and complex one. Some people hate their bodies or parts of their bodies, while others struggle with their sexuality and sexual identity. These difficulties can surface in subtle ways, such as addictions to alcohol or drugs, or through self harm such as bulimia or cutting. 



Many people seek help for work related issues, such as maintaining a better work/life balance, dealing with unemployment, managing stress, relationships at work or the nature of the work itself.


I am an experienced supervisor and offer supervision to both individuals and groups. Currently I supervise two groups in the NHS in addition to offering supervision in my private practice. I have worked as a supervisor and tutor for WPF Therapy (a training organisation) and for Ealing Council. 

If you are seeking supervision and wish to talk further, please contact me using the form here and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss requirements and suitability in more detail.